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Economic Ethics

The scientific concept of the profession Economic Ethics in short form

The profession Economic Ethics is conceptually applied to mediate competence in reasoning that focuses on the arrangement of the socio-political framework for economic bargaining. In the courses, it is essential to become familiar with economic tools so that you will be able to work out an independent finding on the functionality or, respectively, disfunctionality of institutional arrangements. This will be the fundament for taking a competent and constructive stand in normative disputable discussions. Concretely, it will be about the interactive practice of the ability to provide information on the normative comforts, the deficits and the possibilities for development of the social market economy. Furthermore, the point is to appraise in a competent way which options would be available for individuals or organisations for pushing moral standards, also in a world-wide scale.

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Profile of the chair (german)
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Elaboration of the profession Economic Ethics (german)
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List of courses (german)
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Introduction to the scientific approach (german)
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